The Day After Christmas

“Can you come do a photo shoot of my family the day after Christmas?”  Heck yes!

I absolutely love shooting photos, especially family portraits, no matter what day of the year it is. When Nancy asked if I could come take pictures of her family who were visiting during the holidays, I jumped at the chance to help her out. These would be keepsakes she could look at for years to come!

One of my favorite parts about family sessions are the children. Granted, sometimes these images can be harder to capture (as younger kids tend to get antsy), but this shoot was a prime example of how the unplanned moments can produce the best shots. For example, I was able to capture Nancy and her daughter Annie talking on the stairs when Annie was a bit tired during our session. Lo and behold, this was one of my favorite images! And when we asked the girls to show us what Santa brought them, they lit up! Ellie, the curly haired cutie, didn’t miss a chance to smile for the camera either. And baby Maggie, well let’s just say she is the star of my homepage now.

You make the photos, and I take them. What do you want to remember?