Andrea’s Graduation Photos: Go Islanders!

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of taking graduation photos for Andrea, a senior at Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi, who is graduating this December. Andrea is majoring in Communications with a minor in Public Relations. One of her biggest accomplishments in college has been the opportunity to graduate early, which is no easy task. Despite all of the hard work involved, she says college has been a fun learning experience and has felt less like an obligation and more like an opportunity, especially in an interesting field of study. It’s wonderful to find a major in which there is high job demand, but also that you thoroughly and genuinely enjoy. Andrea chose Communications and Public Relations because these will present her with a wide array of career opportunities. She’s looking forward to a position that will keep her on her toes and challenges her daily. I can attest to the work involved in this field, as my blog editor is a full-time Public Relations specialist, and her job keeps her on her toes every day.

Andrea says she is grateful for the experience gained during various internships she has held during her college career (a very smart move on her part!). To any students reading this post, it is so important to seek out internships before graduation. It is through internships that you are given a taste of many real-world experiences, offered various opportunities for mentorship, and given the chance to prove yourself and your work ethic. Andrea says, “I feel very blessed to have been able to learn and work with such amazing and influential people while still in school!”

With graduation nearing, Andrea continues to focus on working hard and growing not only in a professional sense, but personally too. She strives to be a well-rounded and educated adult, one who shows constant love and kindness to others. From our email exchanges to the time spent together during her photoshoot, I can tell that Andrea has a very kind spirit. I have no doubts that she will succeed in the business world and I want to wish her the best of luck as she transitions into this new phase of her life!

Side note:
Towards the end of the shoot I asked Andrea where she found me, and she said through Instagram! To the small businesses out there wondering if social media works, Andrea’s feedback is proof that it does. In fact, I have read that most of the Millennial generation can be found on Instagram and Snapchat (platforms that may be forgotten or discounted), while a majority of the older generation prefers to use Facebook. Depending on your services or product, be sure to explore which avenue best fits you and your customers! The more you know…