All The Single Ladies: How to Get Him to Swipe Right

I have a good friend who’s a single, handsome and intelligent writer. He’s on a few dating apps, but he’s currently taking a break from them because he’s gotten tired of it. If you’re single and have used these dating apps, you might know what it means. But I’ll get to it soon.

So this friend has told me he’s looking for substance over looks. He’s very well-spoken and needs a girl he can have deep conversations with.

But with online dating, it’s all about that first impression, and you can’t always tell if someone is a good conversationalist from a photo.

That’s the problem. That’s the it people get tired of: the rejection from ONE poorly taken photo.


I think all women with beautiful souls are beautiful IN AND OUT. Women (and men) with great personalities just radiate outer beauty, don’t you agree? And these women deserve a man who can appreciate that beauty. Period. But when you’re trying to meet someone online, you HAVE to put a little extra effort in that profile photo so the right guy will swipe right.

And why am I assuming some girls aren’t putting in their best efforts? Because way too many times, I’ve had to tell my friend, “Oh, she just didn’t take that photo at a good angle.” Or, “I’m sure she’s not a mutant with cat ears and whiskers.”

I get it. I’ve taken selfies to make my face look skinny—but sometimes the angle has made my forehead way too ginormous.

Let’s be honest. These types of photos aren’t the real you. The real you is hidden behind awkward bathroom selfie poses or goofy Snapchat filters.

My friend’s story has obviously inspired me to reach out to you. I don’t think it’s fair that so many of you could’ve already found the love of your life (if that’s what you really want!) but are being rejected because of one bad photo!

So this is what I want to do for you girls…

I’ve put together a photo package that includes makeup; a 30-minute FUN, outdoor session; and 10 photos with print rights that you can use for your dating profile—as well as LinkedIn, Facebook, or even your fireplace mantle, so you can worship your sexy self. 😉

I’ve partnered with the amazing makeup artist, Danielle, from All Dolled Up, whose secret sauce is to enhance your natural beauty.

I will also guide you on what to wear for your shoot. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go shopping (unless you want to ;). I want you to be exactly who you are and comfortable in your own skin. I will simply help you pick the best outfit, and I’ll give you plenty of options for a location that’s fun for you.

And last but not least, if you want to bring a girlfriend for encouragement and to include in a few pics with you, I welcome it! This photography package is all about YOU.

The fact that a ton of cute guys will swipe right for you? That’s just the cherry on top.

So to recap! All you sweet single ladies will get:

  • Professional makeup by All Dolled Up
  • Guidance on what outfit to wear
  • 30-minute photoshoot at your favorite location (Don’t worry about how to pose, that’s what I’m here for)
  • 10 high-res, edited photos via email with Print Rights (I will also send you resized versions for social media and the dating apps)
  • The option to include your female friend in some of the pictures

All of this, for only $200!

This package will be available for only a limited time! It’s a special arrangement I’ve made with Danielle at an unreal price, so make sure to book your session soon! Click here to book your session or if you have any questions.

See you ladies soon! :)


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