Why We Love Our Spurs

It’s a sad week here in Spurs town. Despite the hard-fought playoffs and multiple injuries, however, the loyalty and love for our San Antonio Spurs does not waiver. I’m positive that our team and our fans will head into next season with even more enthusiasm and confidence than ever before. It’s hard not to love the Spurs – win, lose or tie. This team is full of spirit, brotherhood, humility and heart for the game – a perfect representation of the San Antonio community.

Just one example of how the Spurs represent and support this great city happened back in January, where the players traded in their jerseys for aprons. I had the pleasure of shooting a San Antonio Food Bank fundraiser called Champions Against Hunger, where our Spurs actually served food to the event attendees. My brother, also a photographer visiting from Puerto Rico, helped me shoot the event. He has been a Spurs fan his entire life, even from afar in Puerto Rico, so you can only imagine the excitement I felt sharing the news with him that he would be my second shooter for this fundraiser!

My brother is quite fearless, and being the millennial age he is, had no problem asking to take selfies with most of the players, even Coach Popovich! I on the other hand, was trying to remain cool and professional, even though I could feel the die-hard fan in me wanting to squeal from excitement! The guests at the Champions Against Hunger event, however, did not have to hold back their enthusiasm. It was pretty funny to watch attendees hug and chat with the Spurs players as if they were long-time friends. In fact, I bet anyone walking past the restaurant that night thought the place simply employed very friendly, and very TALL waiters. Each Spurs player was approachable, cheerful and genuinely happy to be there hanging out and serving their fans, all for an amazing cause.

THIS is why we love our Spurs! Not only are they our hometown heroes, they are our friends.