Kathy + Kevin + Stray: Family Photos

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of taking family photos of Kathy, Kevin and their pup “Stray” at their home in Adkins, Texas. I was surprised to learn that the photo session was Kevin’s idea! Kathy admits that she isn’t too crazy about her photo being taken, but her wonderful smile could have fooled me!

Their Love Story

Kathy and Kevin have a wonderful love story. The two were college sweethearts, but once school was over, both ended up marrying different partners and ultimately leading separate lives. Fast forward time and stop at five years ago. That’s when Kathy found Kevin on LinkedIn and sent him a message. The rest is history! Kevin tells me that he’s always loved Kathy (how cute is that!), but they were just too young when they first met.

So how did Kevin propose? It was on New Year’s Eve when he asked Kathy to be his wife, while the two watched fireworks from the Tower of the Americas. However, Kevin and Kathy agree that they knew long before the proposal they were meant to be together. The proposal itself was simply a sweet and romantic formality.

And their dog, Stray? He is the newest member of the family. When I asked how they found him, Kevin responded “It’s more like he found us.” One cold winter’s day he showed up in their yard. They tried to shoo him off so he would go home, wherever that was, but he kept coming back. He lived in the garage during the first week at his new home and slowly moved his way into the house. Now Stray is the king of the house (and yard) and is very good at training Kevin and Kathy to do what he wants.

Funny tidbit: During the photoshoot, whenever I would tell Kathy to “give him a kiss,” she would kiss Stray! I guess I should’ve been more specific. :)